How To Use
Using Zutsvi is easy. The main use of the platform are:
Setup your profile and trademark catalog. Let others in your industry know you as we use new age marketing tools to spread your word. Differentiate yourself and establish your domain expertise by providing insightful contributions.
Create your network of customers, suppliers etc. Invite your existing business partners and find new ones. Communicate and coordinate with target focused messaging within your network.
Community Involvement
Be part of your industry community. We drive engagement within and across industries, regionally or globally. Discover others perspectives and view and take informed decisions.
Get information from various sources at your finger tips. We strive to bring you industry content relevant to you saving you time. Get real time insights into critical industry trends. Learn how global changes might \ impact your business.
Get easy access to services that will help you reduce your opex. and give you a comparative advantage. We provide referral service to get you access to global service providers from logistics to IT to engineering services.
Key Features

Industry Focused – Strength in numbers. Zutsvi is industry focused instead of a “me” sites. If you don’t find your industry page you have the ability to get one started. Be the first in your industry and gain strength as others join.

Single Profile Multiple Members – Companies can have multiple employees from different departments join one single profile. Each members activities, contributions, network etc. can be managed individually by the member but the credit goes to the company. The company can also assign two admin users who can manage who is taking part on Zutsvi on behalf of the company

Information – We strive to get you information pertaining to your industry. This saves you the effort to search for information. Learn from others as they share their insights and perspectives. Share what is going on with your company and we will help you promote and market it.

Find Products/Companies – Setup your company digital profile with your logo. Build a product catalog and associate it with an industry. You can have multiple catalog associated with different industries.

Secure – We give you the security that you are looking for. We do not share your network information with others. You have the flexibility to edit/unpublish your contributions and control your message.

Invite – Send invitations to potential and current business partners to network with you. You can also send invites to non-members and engage with them via Zutsvi.

Solicit – You have the ability to reach out to businesses or professional that you would like to engage in business with. Businesses can review these messages under Solicitation network. Control solicitations by blocking and review solicitations at their leisure.

Target Message – You have the ability to send messages to select networks, Focused target messages to preset networks helps you save time.

Catalog – Manage your trademark products catalog. You have the ability to develop multiple catalogs and associate it with the different industries.

Profile – Control your digital identity. You have the ability to control what you let the world see.

Analytics – See how your contributions are working for you. Who is viewing your profile and product catalogs.

Exposure – We continuously upgrade our platform to provide you the advantage of new technology innovations that help your contributions get maximum exposure.

Workflow – You have to ability to save draft modes of your contributions, preview it with out publishing. Once published you can always go back and edit it or un-publish it.

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